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July 10, 2006

We just returned from our vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC, visiting Noelle's parents. A great, relaxing time was had by all. Jason managed to stay extremely busy, between practicing his swing at the driving range, tackling the ocean waves, conquering the local pool, fishing, tennis, mini-golf, and being knighted at Medieval Times. Special thanks to the Brobergs for all their hospitality. For pictures, click here

June 25, 2006

Jason participated in a Karate Tournament sponsored by his Karate school, Flying Dragon Karate. Competitions consisted of jump kicks, sparring, and board breaking. Although he didn't finish in the top tier, he performed exceptionally well and was awarded with a trophy. For pictures, click here

May 21, 2006

We took Jason to the annual Star Wars Weekends celebration at Disney MGM Studios today. We got to see the Star Wars characters in a parade. Although it would have been possible to meet some of the characters for pictures, the lines were generally too long, so we opted instead to spend some time with our long-time favorites, Buzz Lightyear and Woody. For pictures, click here

May 6, 2006

Today, we took Jason to our local comic book store, The Comics Club, for the annual Free Comic Book Day celebration. Jason had a chance to meet many of his favorite heroes and villians, such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman, and Darth Vader. At first, it was a bit shocking for him, but he really enjoyed seeing these TV and movie characters come to life. For pictures, click here. The comic store was also nice enough to post a picture of Jason on their website here.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone! For pictures of our day, click here

April 15, 2006

Hey, we're back! Sorry for the lack of timely updates. We'll try to behave from now on.

Today, we were preparing for Easter, primarily by engaging in the traditional Coloring of the Eggs. For pictures, click here

Jason also took some time to work on his training for Viking School. For pictures, click here

November 25, 2005

We took a post-Thanksgiving jaunt to Busch Gardens today with our good friends Ron (aka "Eddie"), Pam, and their son Kameron. Jason and Kameron had a great time together! For pictures, click here

After returning home, we started some decorating for Christmas. Jason was a big help with the giant Candy Canes (which, as Jason continues to sternly remind us, are NOT for eating!). For pictures, click here

November 14, 2005

Jason took his first belt test in Karate today. He takes classes through Flying Dragon Karate at his pre-school. He has successfully achieved the rank of Yellow Belt! For pictures, click here

September 6, 2005

We're in the new house!!! Now, where's the camera? Oh, got it. USB cable? Uh-oh...we're experiencing technical difficulties...Please stand by....

July 30, 2005

Finally got around to posting some new house construction pictures. We are currently slated for a closing at the end of August, and things seem to be progressing very nicely. For pictures, click here

July 2, 2005

In preparation for the summer sports season, we purchased Jason a Tee Ball set for some backyard practice. So far, the activity is not really holding his interest, but we'll keep trying and see how he does. There does seem to be a certain gleam in his eye when he first starts beating the poor ball with the bat! For pictures, click here

June 6, 2005

Today we returned a trip to Howell, NJ, to attend the baptism of our neice, Lauren Burger. Noelle was given the honor of standing as Lauren's Godmother. Aside from difficulties flying from Tampa to Philadelphia (what else is new?), we had a great time visiting with Noelle's family. Jason especially enjoyed running around and screaming with his cousin Morgan. Special thanks to Mindee and Danny Burger for all their hospitality. For pictures, click here

May 28, 2005

We attended the 5th birthday celebration of Jason's cousin, Genna Devivo. The party was held at Apollo Gymnastics in Clearwater, FL. At first, Jason was a little hesitant to join in, but he was bouncing and jumping with the others before long. We also finally got the chance to meet Jason's newest cousin, Ashlyn. For pictures, click here

May 7, 2005

Today we returned from a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. Our ship, the Carnival Glory, departed from Port Canaveral, FL and stopped at three ports. The first was Nassau, located in the Bahama Islands. Next came a stop at St. Thomas, USVI. Our final stop was in St. Maarten. Upon returning to Port Canaveral, we spent some time visiting the Kennedy Space Center. For pictures, click here

April 17, 2005

We had a family outing to Busch Gardens today. This was the first time we had Jason there since he turned 1, and he had a blast! For pictures, click here

April 10, 2005

The new house is starting to come along nicely. For new pictures, click here

April 3, 2005

We spent today at Sea World in Orlando. This was Jason's first trip to Sea World, and the first time in a very long time for both Frank and Noelle. Jason seemed to enjoy seeing all the different "fishies", especially the sharks in Shark Encounter. The park was holding a Military Appreciation event today, which we found very moving. For pictures, click here

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter! Special thanks to Frank's Mom and Dad for a wonderful day and a delicious dinner. Jason completed his morning Easter Egg hunt in record time. The Easter Bunny will definitely have to find more challenging hiding places next year! For pictures, click here

March 25, 2005

We began our preparations for Easter tonight by coloring our eggs. Jason performed admirably in his artistic duties. For pictures, click here

March 19, 2005

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